Through a set of tools and methodologies, we aim to find and select the most qualified and suitable candidates to fill available positions. These processes aim to identify talents that can contribute to the organization’s success:

  1. Planning: We define hiring needs, identify the positions to be filled, determine the requirements and competencies needed for each role, as well as establish deadlines and available resources.

  2. Candidate Attraction: We use different strategies to attract qualified candidates. This may involve job posting on employment websites, social media, newspaper advertisements, partnerships with educational institutions, or specialized recruitment agencies.

  3. Resume Screening: At this stage, received resumes are analyzed to identify candidates who meet the basic requirements of the position. Selected resumes are evaluated based on qualifications, professional experiences, and relevant skills.

  4. Interviews: Pre-selected candidates are invited for interviews, which can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. Interviews allow for a more in-depth assessment of candidates’ technical and behavioral competencies, as well as the opportunity to clarify doubts and gather more information about their experiences and motivations.

  5. Tests and Assessments: Depending on the nature of the role, additional tests or assessments may be applied to measure specific skills, such as aptitude tests, psychological evaluations, practical tests, or group dynamics. These tools assist in evaluating competencies and assessing candidates’ fit for the position’s requirements.

  6. Reference Checks: Before making a final decision, it is common for us to contact candidates’ professional references, such as former employers or supervisors, to gather additional information about the candidate’s performance and behavior.

  7. Final Decision: Based on the information collected throughout the process, we evaluate the candidates and select those who best fit the job requirements. The final decision is made considering competencies, experience, organizational culture, and other relevant factors.

  8. Hiring and Integration: After the selection, we offer the position to the chosen candidate and initiate the hiring process, which includes salary negotiation, benefits, and other working conditions. Subsequently, we provide appropriate integration processes, introduce the company, its culture, policies, and procedures, and offer support to the new employee in their adaptation to the work environment.