Objective of the Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is a set of guidelines and ethical principles that guide the behavior of employees and other stakeholders in a company. It establishes expected standards of conduct, defines responsibilities, and promotes an organizational culture based on core values. By adhering to our Code of Conduct, we uphold our mission and values.

1. Mission and Values

Our goal is to provide efficient and strategic recruitment, selection, and temporary workforce placement services to meet the short-term needs of companies. We aim to connect qualified candidates with job opportunities, ensuring a proper match of skills, experience, and organizational culture for our clients.


Integrity: We value honesty, transparency, and ethics. We ensure that our records (including those containing personal information) are created, used, stored, and disposed of in accordance with the law. We are committed to acting fairly and responsibly, maintaining high standards of professional conduct.

Quality: We strive to deliver high-quality services in all areas, from recruitment to workforce placement. We pursue excellence in all selection practices, training, and ongoing support for workers to ensure client satisfaction.

Commitment to Clients: We are committed to understanding our clients’ needs and providing efficient and personalized solutions. We value building long-term relationships with clients based on trust, open communication, and consistent delivery of results.

Respect for Workers: We treat workers with respect, dignity, and fairness. We treat people properly, act with care and consideration, and respect human rights. We do not tolerate any form of intimidation or harassment. We value their contributions and strive to create a safe and inclusive work environment where workers can thrive and develop professionally.

Collaboration and Teamwork: We promote a culture of collaboration and teamwork, recognizing that success depends on the involvement and contribution of all team members. We encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and cooperation to achieve common goals.

Flexibility and Adaptability: We are prepared to adapt to market changes and the evolving needs of our clients. We value flexibility and seek agile solutions, offering diverse options for workforce that meet clients’ specific demands.

Social Responsibility: We recognize our social responsibility and seek to make a positive contribution to the community in which we operate. We engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as education support programs, environmental initiatives, or relevant social causes.

2. Integrity and Ethics:

– We understand and comply with international human rights principles and the laws governing our activities.

– We understand and comply with competition laws.

– We conduct our activities in a correct and ethical manner, avoiding any situation that may generate conflicts of interest.

– We do not offer, pay, or accept bribes or anything of value that may lead to improper influence or the appearance of improper conduct.

– We do not offer or accept gifts, entertainment, or anything of value that may lead to improper influence or the appearance of impropriety.

– We treat people fairly, act with care, and respect human rights. We do not tolerate any form of intimidation or harassment.

– We do not engage with anyone associated with terrorism or any other criminal activity.

– We do not make donations to candidates for public or private positions, political parties, or any other political interest.

3. Respect and Diversity:

We value diversity and inclusion. We are committed to equal opportunities and do not discriminate based on age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant or illegal characteristic.

4. Health and Safety:

We ensure compliance with safety, health, hygiene, and well-being standards in all workplaces. Compliance with safety rules is an obligation for everyone, and employees are responsible for promptly reporting all accidents, environmental concerns, and hazardous situations that may jeopardize the safety of people, facilities, or company equipment.

Periodically, and in accordance with applicable legislation, employee health is monitored by occupational health teams. The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs during working hours is not allowed, as it may endanger the safety of oneself and others.

5. Protection of Confidential Information:

– We ensure that our records, including those containing personal information, are created, used, stored, and destroyed in accordance with the law.

– We respect the right to privacy, keeping confidential information private and not misusing the confidential information of others.

6. Conflict of Interests:

– Disclosure of Conflict of Interests: We have established a disclosure process where employees are required to report any potential or actual conflict of interests.

– Evaluation and Analysis of Conflict of Interests: Once a conflict of interests is reported, we conduct a careful and impartial evaluation to understand the nature and impact of the conflict.

– Impartial Decision-Making: If a conflict of interests is determined to exist, we take measures to ensure impartial and fair decision-making.

– Mitigation of Conflict of Interests: If necessary, we implement measures to mitigate or eliminate the conflict of interests.

– Monitoring and Ongoing Compliance: It is essential to establish a continuous monitoring process to ensure compliance with conflict of interest policies and identify new potential conflicts.

– Transparency and Accountability: We promote a culture of transparency and accountability, where employees are encouraged to report conflicts of interests, and clear mechanisms are in place to address these situations.

7. Relationship with Clients, Suppliers, and Partners:

– Customer Service: We are committed to excellence in customer service, ensuring that customers are treated with courtesy, respect, and professionalism.

– Product or Service Quality: We commit to providing high-quality services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

– Fair and Respectful Treatment: All customers, regardless of their origin, race, gender, religion, or any other characteristic, are treated fairly, equally, and with respect.

– Confidentiality and Information Protection: We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of information provided by customers, as well as other sensitive business information.

– Supplier Relationships: We promote fair, transparent, and ethical relationships with suppliers.

– Collaboration with Partners: We collaborate with business partners as strategic allies or in joint projects.

– Complaint and Feedback Management: We establish procedures to handle customer complaints, suggestions, and feedback, seeking to resolve them in a fair, efficient, and transparent manner.

8. Social and Environmental Responsibility:

– Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to environmental protection by adopting sustainable practices in all company operations.

– Compliance with Environmental Regulations: We commit to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and adopting standards beyond the minimum requirements whenever possible.

– Social Responsibility: We are committed to corporate social responsibility, considering the impact of company operations on society and stakeholders.

– Ethics in Business Relations: We establish guidelines to ensure ethical and transparent business relations.- Community Engagement: We commit to being a responsible member of the community, engaging in initiatives that contribute to its development and well-being.

– Transparency and Accountability: We commit to transparently communicate the company’s actions and impacts regarding social and environmental responsibility.

9. Legal Compliance:

Compliance with all laws, regulations, and standards applicable to the company’s activities is mandatory, including antitrust laws, consumer protection laws, labor laws, environmental regulations, and other relevant legal requirements.

10. Consequences for Violations:

Violations of the code of conduct will be punished according to their severity and may include disciplinary measures such as warnings, suspensions, terminations, or other appropriate corrective actions.

This code of conduct is communicated clearly and accessibly to all employees and will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure its ongoing relevance and effectiveness. Furthermore, it is our principle to ensure that senior management and supervisors lead by example and actively promote a culture of ethical conduct within the company.